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Are you renewing an existing membership? To pay your dues, log in and select "Membership Info" from your profile menu on the right, then click "Securely renew your membership now" and follow the prompts. Send your questions to Sarah Brown-Campello, Membership and Development Coordinator, at scampello@wingsweb.orgView our most recent member survey here.

Membership Benefits

The WINGS global network of organizations serving philanthropy has become a global leader and information hub for philanthropy infrastructure. WINGS members share a deep commitment to philanthropy, and our network draws on the collective experience of nearly 150 organizations worldwide. Members explore and share new innovations for the tough challenges facing philanthropy today. WINGS member organizations receive:
  • Networking opportunities with over 90 organizations serving philanthropy around the globe
  • Opportunity to share events and news with peers worldwide, through WINGS website, newsletter and social media properties
  • Priority registration for WINGSForum
  • Opportunities to work on shared interests with peer organizations and across sectors to promote an enabling environment for philanthropy
  • Participation in WINGS research and studies, like the Infrastructure in Focus Report
  • Exclusive internal access to the global network via WINGS online community
  • Participation in peer learning events, webinars and regional meetings
  • Engagement in advocacy work to secure better legislation and regulatory frameworks to promote the culture of giving
  • Eligibility to apply for scholarships to attend WINGS events
  • Access to tools for sustainability and greater accountability and transparency
  • Opportunities for leadership development, professional growth and capacity building
  • Ability to participate in WINGS Programmes committees, working groups, and taskforces
  • Eligibility to serve on the WINGS Board of Directors
  • Use of WINGS Member logo, which will identify you as a member of the only worldwide network serving the broad community of support organizations working with philanthropy
  • Access to and representation through the WINGS Knowledge Center

Membership Criteria

WINGS membership is inclusive, so in addition to the list below, any organization that defines itself as one that supports philanthropy (i.e. strategic partners, funders and other relevant stakeholders) should consider applying.
  • Associations of grantmakers or foundations (or not yet formalized networks of either)
  • Support organizations serving philanthropy
  • Networks promoting and strengthening philanthropy
The WINGS network is open to associations, organizations and groups that offer services to grantmakers and are concerned with the promotion of philanthropy. Their support activities include networking opportunities, and information, technical and leadership services.
Full Members — WINGS main membership category consists of full members. Representatives from each member organization have an opportunity to participate fully in WINGS's meetings and activities, including the ability to be nominated to the Board of Directors. Additionally – if having been part of the Board of Directors – ability to serve as Chair of WINGS committees. WINGS full member organizations fall into one of three groups:
  • Membership associations serving grantmakers (they may not all exclusively serve grantmakers; some also serve a broader range of NGOs);
  • Support organizations serving grantmakers and/or promoting philanthropy (these organizations provide technical assistance to grantmakers, develop resources for them and/or advocate on behalf of grantmakers or philanthropy as a whole, but they do not have a formal membership structure themselves);
  • Networks or anyone identifying as an organization that supports and works in strengthening philanthropy
Patrons — Discretionary category open to organizations contributing US$15,000 or more. Patrons are considered strategic supporters and are acknowledged in print and online materials.

As of January 2015 members pay an annual membership fee of US$500.00. Membership is on a calendar year basis (January–December). All members are encouraged to voluntarily contribute over and above the annual fee of US$500.00, based on the organization's annual operating budget from the previous fiscal year, as indicated below. Voluntary contributions will be fully acknowledged in WINGS channels and the annual report.

Annual Budget in US$ Suggested Contribution
Group 1 — Up to $200,000 $500.00 annual fee
Group 2 — $200,001 - $500,000 $750.00
Group 3 — $500,001 - $1,000,000 $1,500.00
Group 4 — $1,000,001 - $5,000,000 $3,000.00
Group 5 — Over $5,000,000 $5,000.00 or more

Would you like to join the WINGS global network? Send your questions to Sarah Brown-Campello, Membership and Development Coordinator, at

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2.391, cj 122- São Paulo - SP – Brazil  01452-905

Tel. +55 11 3078-7299