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Assessing performance in philanthropy means gauging both knowledge and ability. Simply put, the better the performance, the greater the impact. To provide a peer-to-peer analysis tool for WINGS members, we assessed member capacity in several key areas:

  1. Knowledge Generation and Dissemination
  2. Social Media and Technology
  3. Resource Mobilisation

Survey 1: Knowledge Generation and Dissemination


Sample: 16 organisations from 7 countries

Results: 15 respondents generate and disseminate knowledge.

Respondents generate knowledge through surveys, reports, and guides or toolkits, among other capacity-building materials. They generate knowledge internally and partner with other organisations to gather knowledge externally.
Respondents prefer to share knowledge through newsletters, websites an e-libraries. Most organisations restrict at least some of the information generated, and one organisation restricts all information to members.

Challenge: A lack of appropriate tools to collect and organise learning was said to be the biggest barrier for learning and knowledge sharing.

Opportunity: Organisations are keen on participating in initiatives to expand current knowledge about the sector, and see building a viable data and learning culture as important.

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Survey 2: Social Media and Technology


Sample: 18 organisations from 14 countries

Results: All respondents have a website. Most use the Windows operating system and have a Facebook account.

At least 80% of respondents use social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs).
Office mobility is on the rise. Although desktop computers are more numerous, laptop usage is growing, with a quarter of respondents currently using more laptops than desktops.

Challenge: Respondents have yet to realise social media's fundraising potential; only one quarter use social media to fundraise. Only one quarter of respondents have an IT specialist to manage tech infrastructure, with the burden falling mostly on office managers and other staff.

Opportunity: Over 80% of respondents use social media to promote events and share content.

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Survey 3: Resource Mobilisation


Sample: 23 organisations from 15 countries

Results: Respondents plan ahead with fundraising targets and strategic plans.

Fundraising is done mostly by senior staff or the organisation's CEO. 90% of CEOs are helped by board members, who assist in networking, referrals, and pro-bono member recruitment, and make in-kind contributions. 80% of respondents have a diversified funding base, relying mostly on membership dues, and including grants and sponsorships, consultancies, publications and donations.

Challenge: Only half of respondents have a fundraising strategy or staff trained in fundraising, and 60% of respondents don't measure in-kind contributions.

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