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OECD netFWD celebrates 3rd anniversary

Posted By WINGS, Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dear netFWD members, associates, partners and colleagues,

Today marks netFWD’s third anniversary! Three years ago, the OECD Development Centre launched netFWD to bring foundations and governments closer together. Why? We believe that efficient and effective partnerships deliver far greater development outcomes and impact. Since its inception, netFWD has supported the critical role foundations play in the development galaxy and helped them enhance their impact by facilitating partnerships with other actors.

As we  enter a new phase now in the global development debate with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), new challenges and  new opportunities await us. What is certain is the increasing international recognition of the role and relevance  foundations play in  development.

On the occasion of netFWD’s  third anniversary, Bathylle Missika, the Head of netFWD at the OECD Development Centre, penned a Development Post on how foundations can engage in and contribute to the implementation of the new agenda. Read the post here: More than money: Optimising philanthropy’s potential to fast-track development.

netFWD counts many achievements in its first three years, including:

  • netFWD took the lead in developing the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement (the Guidelines), which were discussed at the High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (Global Partnership) and "welcomed" in the final communiqué (§17). Built on three pillars — dialogue, data and partnering —  the Guidelines help philanthropic organisations improve development outcomes through collaboration with governments and other stakeholders. They foster mutual recognition between philanthropic actors and governments given  their respective comparative advantages, and they provide guidance on how best to work together at  global, regional and national levels.
  • netFWD launched three pilots of the Guidelines to test their concrete application in India, Mexico and Myanmar, with an additional pilot in the making in South Africa. The  pilots are based on the Guidelines’ objective of enhancing collaboration between foundations and government to support  more impactful development in the country. However, they are more ambitious than that. They collect data and input on the relationship between foundations and governments and help local stakeholders identify concrete steps — in the form of an action plan — for more effective future collaboration. Results will be presented and discussed at the Second High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership to be held in Kenya in November 2016.
  • netFWD gave philanthropy greater visibility at major intergovernmental conferences. At the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Addis Ababa, July 2015),  netFWD organised a high-level side event with Ministers and several foundations’ CEOs (read more), in conjunction  with the governments of Mexico and the Netherlands. netFWD also held a roundtable on philanthropy and the SDGs on the margins of the UN General Assembly (New York , September 2015), hosted by the Ford Foundation. Such dedicated events help position philanthropy in the global development scene and further highlight philanthropy’s  specific value-added to other development actors, in particular governments.
  • netFWD is launching Accelerating Impact 2030 to concretely demonstrate how philanthropy can help accelerate development outcomes. netFWD developed Accelerating Impact 2030 because we believe that foundations can and must play a critical role in meeting the SDGs and that foundations and governments can deliver far greater development outcomes by partnering more efficiently. Accelerating Impact 2030 will bring together foundations, governments and other committed actors to align their vision and pool their collective expertise and resources to accelerate achieving the SDGs (read more).
  • netFWD gave foundations a voice within the Global Partnership by helping them secure a seat on the Steering Committee. Foundations have enjoyed permanent representation on the Steering Committee  since July 2014. This  reflects the eagerness of member governments to dialogue and co-operate with the philanthropic sector.
  • netFWD produced knowledge to share experiences and lessons among its membership and with the wider philanthropic sector. The two studies published to date focus on foundations’ efforts to innovate and enhance their impact. They were presented and discussed in Abu Dhabi, Geneva, New York, Singapore, Nairobi and Paris and generated great interest and triggered inspiring discussions across sectors and regions. Venture Philanthropy in Development: Dynamics, Challenges and Lessons in the Search for Greater Impact unpacks the concept of venture philanthropy and identifies lessons to make foundations’ work more impactful. Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment: Foundations’ Innovative Approaches to Support Youth builds on 11 case studies to examine what makes philanthropy particularly well placed to support youth and how foundations can further optimise collaboration with other development actors.

We are  sincerely grateful to netFWD’s members and associates. Your trust and support have made and will continue to make the work of the  network possible and relevant.

We look forward to strengthening our co-operation further and reflecting on how to optimise philanthropy’s potential to fast-track development.

With warm regards,

The netFWD Secretariat

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European Day of Foundations and Donors celebrated across Europe

Posted By WINGS, Monday, September 28, 2015
Events will take place across Europe on 1st October to celebrate the work of philanthropy and foundations. European Day of Foundations and Donors aims at highlighting the invaluable and diverse work of public benefit foundations in Europe, promoting the idea of donating, and telling the story of philanthropy. Members of the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe and the European Foundation Centre will host a variety of activities to mark the Day. For example in Helsinki the European Day of Foundations and Donors takes to the big screen, with an open mini short film festival showing documentaries on identity, supported by foundations; the Bulgarian Donors Forum will present its annual analysis of philanthropy with Presidential endorsement; in Moscow there will be a photo exhibition highlighting the impact of philanthropy; while in Madrid the Day is being celebrated with a major Once lottery draw.

"We are delighted to join in celebrating the European Day of Foundations and Donors, which recognizes the vital role philanthropy and foundations play in civil society," said Jane Morrice, Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee. "Their work is rich in its diversity and positively impacts on the lives of all citizens. Foundations provide opportunities for public engagement and participation and they tackle some of the most difficult and persistent problems in society. I wish all those who contribute to the success of foundations - donors, board members, staff, and volunteers - every success today and for their future work."

Foundations have for centuries provided an effective mechanism for turning private wealth into public benefit. Today philanthropy and foundations form an essential component of the fabric of civil society. A comprehensive mapping of the European Foundation Sector, and a report highlighting the richness of the diversity of foundation type, scale and scope are the available on the DAFNE website The report, based on a 2015 survey of 23 national foundation and donor associations, reveals that there are over 141,000 public benefit foundations across Europe of varying types with a huge variety of interests, with a collective estimated annual expenditure in excess of €55bn.

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