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November 2012 eNewsletter

Philanthropy Data Project

We'll soon have a better picture of the network, enhancing your knowledge on the sector and your peers. If you haven’t updated your profile yet, please log in today—it only takes a few minutes and the results will have a lasting impact. more »

Call for Nominations 2013

We're seeking experienced, committed and skilled individuals to lead WINGS into the future. Are you a WINGS member? Would you like to participate in the governance of WINGS? Build with us. more »

Engaging Corporations

You spoke and we listened. For our Engaging Corporations toolkit we put together suggestions on how to engage corporations based on the stories of our network participants. Visit the toolkit online for concepts, case studies and more.

Knowledge Center

Drawing on innovative mapping and knowledge gathering, WINGS research takes philanthropy reporting to the next level. Our Global Institutional Philanthropy report was the first ever to collect information on institutional giving worldwide. Download the report from the Knowledge Center today.

Mudanca 6E

Regional integration has the potential to grow southern Africa's economy, but progress can be slow. This latest edition of the ChangeMudanÇa looks at the business climate in SADC countries, what Mauritius has done to grow its economy, and how inclusive businesses are in bringing the poor into corporate value chains.

The Foundation Center created Glass Pockets to inspire private foundations to be more open with their communication, and to illustrate how institutional philanthropy is relevant to the critical issues of our time.

Philanthropy In Quote

"The big vision of Strive is to support every child, from cradle to career. To get every child to succeed, it’s going to come down to something relatively unremarkable: data and how we use it.”

Jeff Edmonson, Strive Network

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Advancing accountability in Johannesburg

WINGS hosted the latest in a series of workshops on accountability in Johannesburg in November. The workshop, held in conjunction with the AGN Assembly, brought together philanthropy professionals from Africa and the Arab Region to consider what the sector needs for accountability to work. Like our Cairo workshop in September, the focus group convened offered a unique view on current practice. more »

Reflections from AGN Assembly

Following the African Network Assembly (AGN) in Johannesburg, WINGS Knowledge Management Coordinator Ana Pinho shared her thoughts at the Alliance magazine blog. AGN highlighted the issue of accountability between citizens and leaders, with a special focus on capacity and inclusiveness. "Philanthropy's role is to empower civil society to demand their rights and hold their governments accountable. The effort, however, must go beyond financial support." more »

AVPN Road Show 2012 update

In October, philanthropy practitioners Ruth Jones and Shaks Ghosh traveled through Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore and Tokyo, where they delivered workshops on 'Venture Philanthropy in Practice', bringing together business skills and financial donations with administrative expertise to unlock the potential of the best NGOs in the region. Ghosh: "I'm amazed at how many people are turning out at these sessions. The energy is incredible." more »

All eyes on Asia

Give2Asia recently announced plans to seed funding for the China Foundation Center's first-ever foundation leadership training program. Based in Beijing, the pilot program will develop a curriculum for foundation leadership and management in China which, according to the Center, is now home to more than 2,700 foundations. more »

Peace on Earth possible?

A world without war is everyone's dream and this year, according the Global Peace Index (GPI), we came closer to achieving it. The 2012 GPI ranked 158 nations using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators that gauge ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security, and in June declared the world was slightly more peaceful. more

Civil society sector most influential

NPQ Editor-in-Chief Ruth McCambridge says civil society has potential to be the most influential sector in remaking the world, reminding us that diligence is key. "That potential will remain out of our grasp so long as we do not understand where our power lies, and why our core purpose of organizing people in their own best interests is so acutely and uniquely suited to taking power over the frameworks of this era." more »

The Global Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) will provide an innovative forum for dialogue, contribute to new thinking on development strategies, and influence policy and the international development agenda. Following its October launch in Paris, the OECD program will feature video-teleconferences on 31 January, following by a working group meeting and plenary in April. For more info and to register, visit OECD online.

The Affinity Group for Gender (AGG), an ISTR working group, is editing a book on the connections between civil society organisations and women's emancipation. Deadline for abstracts is 31 January 2013. more »

Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, is reviewing applications for a tenture-track assistant/associate professor position in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership, effective 1 July 2013. Closing date for applications is 15 December. apply »

The Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize is now accepting nominations. The prize will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated remarkable leadership, creativity and results in developing philanthropy for progressive social change in an emerging market country or countries. more »


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